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September 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ticket prices? 
Click here for an overview of all the prices. Access to the site is free on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. You can order free tickets on the website. Admission fees are charged for the marathon day on Saturday, September 11 and seating at the main arena on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. 

What are the corona measures taken for Limburg 2021?
After the announcement of the Dutch government on August 13th that the World Championship for pairs can take place with an occupancy rate of 67%, the organisation of the event has decided to organise the event, also with this limited occupancy, in a reduced form.

In order to be able to organise the event safely, we will be using the CoronaCheck app for access. Please read the information on this page carefully before visiting Limburg 2021!

How does the testing for entry work?
To be able to organize the event safely, we use the CoronaCheck app for entry. If you have not yet been fully vaccinated (14 days after your second shot, or 4 weeks after your Janssen shot, or if you do not have a recovery certificate in the CoronaCheck app), it is important that you make your test appointment as soon as possible. Read more about scheduling your testing for entry appointment on this page. 

Does my child also have to be tested for entry?
Children under 13 do not need to be tested. It is recommended that you bring your child's ID so that we can check the age. Over 13 years of age, testing is required for entry and a corona admission must be shown.

Which payment method is used at Limburg 2021?
Cash & card 

Can I stay overnight at Limburg 2021?
It is not possible to stay overnight on the Limburg 2021 grounds because ofCOVID-19. There are several options to stay in the area. View the options here.

Is there live streaming available?
There will be no live streaming during Limburg 2021. The results can be followed live on www.limburg2021.com and www.hoefnet.nl

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